Stationary Power Tools Class — New Opportunities and Skills

By Donna Lee DowdneyDSCN2963

Jeff Williams, instructor, and Sam Bardelson, teaching assistant, prepared safety instructions for using the drill press, scroll saw, band saw, and compound miter saw (alias chop saw and cutting saw.)  Then they demonstrated these stationary power tools so that we could see design possibilities and avoid hazards. We drew curves on wood and then made cuts.


I was surprised to learn how easily I could cut curves and free-form designs. The experience was similar to using my sewing machine to create free-motion embroidery on fabric.

DSCN2951  DSCN2962

Typically students take BARN Power Tools classes to become certified to use the saws, drill press, and other equipment and to demonstrate their competence.


Kate McDill, a BARN founding member, also learned to use the four power tools. Kate says, “My brothers were allowed and encouraged to use the power tools. It was my sister and I who were not.”

As a child, I also was not allowed to use tools because I was a girl. The BARN gives women and men the opportunity not only to learn to use power tools, but also to create interesting new objects! I increased my skills in a new area by 100%. Thank you, BARN!


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